A project for fishing port called “Quarantine” is underway on the territory of Asparuhovo residential area, Varna municipality. The project is funded by the “Maritime and Fisheries” Programme through the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. Its total value is 13.7 million leva, of which 8 million is a grant and 5.7 million – own financing. The project duration is 30 months, until November 2020.

The project involves the modernization and reconstruction of the existing fishing port with the construction of hydro-technical facilities in the water area, infrastructure with the necessary facilities. The aim is to provide an opportunity for efficient, regulated, safe and hygienic landing, storage, first sale and forwarding of catches. The realization of the project will create a protected water area for safe mooring of fishing boats, sustainable development of fishing activity on the territory of the municipality, preservation of fishery crafts and livelihoods of fishermen, creation of new jobs.

The port’s design capacity is a total of 116 vessels, including 103 boats, 8 berths 18-24 m long and 5 berths 24 m long. The project gives the opportunity for the creation of a water-protected, currents and sediment water area with two converging malls: east and west, with anti-diffraction spur. A heling will be constructed to provide water to the vessels, as well as to bring them out for storage or for repair. Two G-shaped cranes are provided for easy catch removal, as well as an approach site for a mobile tank for refueling boats. Floating pontoons will be built to house the boats on the water. In the mooring areas of the vessels are provided 16 columns for power and water supply for the needs of fishermen. Construction of pipelines and sewerage is planned, but nothing will be taken to the sea, the project team assured.

One of the buildings is intended for fish processing, temporary storage and sale of catches, as well as facilities for about 30 fishermen. The port will have a service and workshop for the repair of small vessels. According to the project, there will be a meeting hall-club of the fisherman and a restaurant with a capacity of up to 140 people. The designed main building will be of mixed use – public, commercial and service areas. A pedestrian walkway of about 100 meters in length is provided along the western mall of the facility. The most attractive part will be the roof of the building, which will be shaped like an amphitheater, with a view of the sea and the city. An 18-meter spiral tower will provide access to the venue, the amphitheater and the land.

Sources and photo credit:
Varna 24 chasa